Five Highly Effective Daily Rituals For a More Vibrant Lifestyle

Just about anyone can use an additional source of energy & health to live a more vibrant lifestyle.

In this blog post, I’ll be covering five rituals that are much more than just ‘daily habits’ for exercise, dieting & lifestyle management.

Here, will be going over ten highly effective daily rituals that can pretty much take anyone down the road of personal mastery from Robin Sharma’s book “The Monk who Sold his Ferrari”

What you will start to notice after using these rituals every day, after just a month’s time, you’ll start to feel much more vibrant & energetic.

Ritual #1:  Solitude

Five Highly Effective Daily Rituals For a More Vibrant Lifestyle


All this means is, making sure that you are setting aside a definite time of day where your are making room for peace. It’s very important to reflect and spend time with yourself to calm your thoughts.

This can be between thirty minutes to sixty minutes of time where you are strictly in silence. This is a powerful method that brings about an exploration and discovery of boundless energy, a deep sense of well being and inner peace.


Ritual #2: Physicality

Five Highly Effective Daily Rituals For a More Vibrant Lifestyle


It’s really important to ten to physical care which can be very powerful. This ritual basically goes by the legendary principal that says “as you care for your body, you care for your mind”

Just as the last ritual, you want to set aside a set time every day to care and replenish your body through intense and vigorous exercise.

One of the best ways to go about this is through Yoga and/or Cardio drills, which is a highly effective way to unleash your bodies true radiance and vitality.



Ritual #3: Conscious Nourishment

Five Highly Effective Daily Rituals For a More Vibrant Lifestyle


One of the most unproductive habits that most people practice in the world is unhealthy dieting. this has such an impact effect on our lives that it’s more profound than you may know. This can take a huge toll on both your bodily and mental energy.

This can also affect your mood, the way you feel throughout the day and can really clutter your mind.

Though this may be unpopular with a lot of people, it’s commonly stated among-st dietitians that “a vegetarian diet is a diet that nature has intended for us”

Most of the world’s most strong and powerful creatures such as elephants and gorillas wear the badge of proud vegetarians. A great way to prove this is to compare how you feel after a meal that contains beef or steak to when you eat salad.



Ritual #4: Abundant Knowledge

Five Highly Effective Daily Rituals For a More Vibrant Lifestyle

This is a ritual that is based on living a long life of learning and broadening the scope of your knowledge. This is not only good for yourself but great for the people you are around.

Take the time to read every single day. If you read around thirty minutes on a daily basis, you’ll be shocked at how much sharper and clearer you see things over time. You can fast-track your way to becoming a better., father, lover, husband, wife, teacher, or pretty much anything in life just by practicing this skill.

The best way to go about getting all you can out of books or informational videos is by taking the time to study and internalize the information rather than just reading it.

Ritual #5: Early Awakening

Five Highly Effective Daily Rituals For a More Vibrant Lifestyle


Probably one of the best Rituals by far is waking up early and conquering the day. As the old adage goes “the early bird gets the worm” As cliche as that may sound, it rings so true.

According to research, the average person can go by just fine, alert and healthy on six hours of sleep alone.

The fact is, the earlier you wake up, in the first three to four days or so, you will feel a bit a drowsy, but after that, once you are conditioned, you will be used to it.

If you are getting un restful long-term sleep, that is more unproductive that you realize. The more sleep isn’t always the best route to go. In this case, it truly does equate to quality over quantity


THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI shares the amazing journey of Julian Mantle, a lawyer who is compelled to confront and come to grips with the spiritual crisis from his life in turmoil that completely out of balance. Julian discovers a life-changing and powerful lesson in practicality that teaches us: Create upbeat contemplations Follow our life s mission and calling Cultivate self-restraint and act gallantly Value time as our most imperative commodity, nourish our relationship, and live completely, without rushing too much.


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