How to Sculpt a Fit Body: 5 “Set in Stone Laws” for Healthy Dieting

When it comes to getting a healthy diet and sustainable strategy, in order to “squeeze the most juice out of the orange” so to speak, and get the desired results we’re truly looking for, we have to follow a strict regimen of “set in stone” laws.

The bad news is, most people who follow diets fail at even one or more of these laws & it ends up causing them to give up altogether or cause them to fail.

So in order to ensure you have the best success with this, is make sure you print this our and go over each of the laws every morning and night. Say them out loud with enthusiasm, and remember to follow up with Action!

Here are the 5 “Set in Stone Laws” for Dieting Smart:


1. Add More Protein to your Meals

How to Sculpt a Fit Body: 5 "Set in Stone Laws" for Healthy Dieting

If you are on a weight loss diet, one of the most important foods you want to eat is protein. Protein helps deal with the hunger cravings, and it also helps to stabilize the blood glucose levels which prevents us from losing muscle. All of this, in turn, results in a higher metabolic score and accelerated weight loss.

You want to avoid a dropping protein from any of your meal,

According to the Dietary Reference Intake, the average sedentary man should aim for an average of 56 grams of protein per day and the average sedentary woman should aim for an average of 46 grams per day.

So this means you want to have protein in all of your meal,

Here is a list of foods that contain protein:

  • Quinoa
  • Lentil
  • Almond
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Peanuts
  • Broccoli


2. Eat More Frequently

How to Sculpt a Fit Body: 5 "Set in Stone Laws" for Healthy Dieting

There is a pretty misleading statement in the dieting community that refers to metabolism increases the more you eat. This isn’t necessarily all the way true because the boost in your metabolism is directly related to the size of your meal.

By eating more frequently you are helping combat hunger cravings that result in overeating.

Also by eating regularly, you are avoiding energy lows. you are more likely to stick to your diet if you stick to this rule.

3.  Fresh Foods Over Processed

How to Sculpt a Fit Body: 5 "Set in Stone Laws" for Healthy Dieting

Priority number one when arranging meals for your diet is to ensure that you have ZERO processed foods.

Put it like this, if you’re going to eat processed foods on your diet then you might as well not be on a diet at all.

This may be hard to “process” because everywhere you look, on just about every corner, you’re going to find the processed foods drawing you in like a seductive hypnotist.

You’re going to notice that once you start eating fresh foods only and eliminate the processed foods altogether, you will amazing! Your energy will dramatically increase, you’ll start feeling less drowsy by the day, and you will be practically indestructible! 😉

Here is an example list of Fresh Foods you can Add to your Diet:

  • Lean Protein
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole Grains
  • Healthy Oils and fats


Out of all of the rules, this is by far the most important one so be sure to stick to it! 😉


4. Set Short and Long Term Goals

How to Sculpt a Fit Body: 5 "Set in Stone Laws" for Healthy Dieting

Crossing milestones on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and a better life are significantly important. You want to feel a sense of accomplishment because this will encourage you to keep moving forward on the “hard days” when the cravings are strong!

Write your short and long-term goals down to embed them into your brain. Internalize them, and visualize your ideal body size and lifestyle. This is the person you are growing into, but you can only do so when you crystallize that in your head.

The best way I have found to help me accomplish the long-term goals is to set incremental short-term goals, and its one thing to write them down and keep to yourself but it’s another thing when you have an accountability partner.

So be sure to tell someone that you trust who will hold you to it, and isn’t afraid to call you out when they see you slacking.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the 2 Week Diet was made because it comes with a step by step action plan that has both short and long-term goals.



5. Avoid The Comparison Trap

How to Sculpt a Fit Body: 5 "Set in Stone Laws" for Healthy Dieting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you set out on your journey is constantly comparing yourself to other people.

The reason why this is a huge mistake is because everybody is unique, results vary based on a number of variables that’s different for everyone.

You want to be easy on yourself, being disciplined doesn’t mean to be self critical when you make mistakes, or if someone else is farther ahead than you are or want to be.

You do want to keep track on your results, you don’t want to get down on yourself when you haven’t “made that much progress” in your frame than the day prior. Be Proud of Yourself! Stick it out! Give yourself a chance & make sure you follow these set in stone laws as you embark on your journey to a healthy diet! 🙂


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