5 Benefits Lemon Water Has For Your Health (Two of Which You Probably Didn’t Even Know)

There is a tremendous amount of nutritional value that comes with drinking Lemon Water.

One of the smartest changes y9ou can make to your diet is if you’re you’re already drinking coffee and tea in the morning, you can switch to lemon water! 🙂

Lemon Water doesn’t cost that much to make at all, & it assists with the digestive process along with helping you lose some extra pounds as well.

Along with the satisfaction of staying refreshed, lemon water gives you that crisp taste with a nice, sweet cooling effect that engulfs your taste buds.

You can also expect to promote a healthy, radiant glow to your skin by drinking lemon water.

Some of the commonly used treatments lemon water helps assist with is fighting kidney stones, helping to reduce the temperature in our bodies and it also helps prevent stroke.

Here are my top ten benefits that lemon water has for your health (Two of which you probably didn’t even know)


1. Can Help Encourage Weight Loss

5 Benefits Lemon Water Has For Your Health

Since Lemon water is a great substitute for other beverages that are high in calories like soda and coffee with sugars, most experts in fitness tend to make that choice simply because of the calories deficit.

Also because drinking water is so flavorless, most folks love the fact that by just adding lemon, you can enjoy a better taste without any extra calories.

Lemon water also has a great amount of potassium which is a mineral commonly used to help balance out sodium levels.


2. Maintains Proper Hydration

 5 Benefits Lemon Water Has For Your Health

The cool thing is, because of the fact most people have a hard time drinking the recommended “8 glasses a day” to stay hydrated. Lemon water actually helps encourage more fluid intake because of the tastefulness, which helps millions of people around the world stay hydrated.

& because water is so boring, more and more people are just deciding to switch to water beverages that come pre-packaged with lemons flavor.

A good way to test to be sure you are staying properly hydrated is by monitoring the coloring of your urine when you use the restroom, if its a dark or strong yellowish color, then that’s an indication that you need to drink more.

3. Packed with Vitamin C

5 Benefits Lemon Water Has For Your Health

Each lemon contains about 30 to 50 mg of Vitamin C compared to regular water which has none at all.  One of the best benefits of vitamin C is it helps reduce inflammation and prevent colds.

Just be sure to be consistent with your lemon water intake, because the only way you’re really going to see a difference with your immune system is by gauging it over a long period of time.

Another one of the benefits Vitamin C has is that its necessary for growth and helps with the repair and development of the body tissues, wound healing and the absorption of iron.

So make sure your next glass of water has lemon in it! 🙂


4. Helps Improve Metabolism 

5 Benefits Lemon Water Has For Your Health

Having a healthy metabolism is an effective way to stay active and maintain a healthy way. By taking in more lemon water, you’re are staying hydrated and keeping a sense of fullness which helps you to eat less.

During the digestive stage, our body tends to warm the body to body temperature. By ensuring you’re your lemon-flavored water cold, you are helping provide an even greater boost to your body.

When you have a good metabolism your body is able to convert foods into necessary bodily functions.

Here are some of the healthy body function you can expect from having a healthy metabolism:


  • Hormones
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Stronger bone,
  • Better skin
  • More durable Nails

5. Promotes Better Skin Quality

5 Benefits Lemon Water Has For Your Health

Speaking of better skin, the vitamin C that’s found in lemons contains antioxidants help fight the free radicals that damage your skin, and this, in turn, helps you keep a fresh look on your skin.

research shows that by regularly taking in vitamin c, you can help lessen those nasty wrinkles that show up in our skin and encourage a more ‘youthful’ looking skin.


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